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Airtime Heating and Air of Oceanside CA are expert HVAC contractors in the servicing and repair of your thermostat. Our HVAC service technicians are certified in all aspects of thermostat service, maintenance and repairs, we are here to serve you.

As the weather fluctuates in Oceanside, make sure that your thermostat is properly maintained and serviced to avoid costly repair bills before the cold changes to warm and the warm changes to cold. Ask us about our maintenance service to get the best out of your thermostat and to stay warm during the colder winter months and cold during the warm summer months.

Troubleshooting thermostat problems is often the first step in fixing your HVAC system. Call us today to set up a service call to troubleshoot your thermostat, we can quickly fix any problems in a timely and professional manner by servicing and restoring your thermostat to it’s peak performance. Heat up or cool down the climate throughout your house and maintain a comfortable temperature during the different months.

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Thermostat Installations

If you’re looking to install a new furnace or trying to replace the one you have, give Airtime Heating and Air a call. We are able to help you find…


Thermostat Tune-Up

Annual furnace check-ups are important to ensure that it is operating efficiently and to avoid expensive breakdowns. By having this check done by a technicians at Airtime Heating and Air…

An indoor thermostat control for heating and air conditioning.

Thermostat Repair

Even if you’re careful and perform regular maintenance on your furnace, it can still break. If you need a furnace repair in Oceanside, let us help! We will send a technician out to your…

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