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Increase Comfort and Save Energy With Zoning

We rarely need heating or cooling in all areas of our homes at once. During sleep, you probably don’t care as much about the temperature of your bedroom. By installing a zoning system in your house, you can heat and cool only certain areas of your home. This will help you save energy and money.

Zoning separates your house into individual areas, each with its own thermostat. You can use one zone to cool only your kitchen during hot summer cooking sessions. By efficiently regulating only the areas of your home that you spend time in, you will greatly lower your utility bills.

Common zone areas include family rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. Some customers separate zones by floor. Most people choose between 2 and 8 zones for maximum control, comfort, and efficiency.


How are the zones created?

Regular heating and cooling systems spread conditioned air evenly to all parts of the home. We install dampers to regulate the destination of heated or cooled air. These new zones are controlled by thermostats.

Can zoning be installed in my existing system?

We can probably install zones into your current system. To learn more, contact us today for more information and a free estimate.