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Common Air Conditioner Problems

Air Conditioner Common Problems 

Today the air-conditioner is just not a luxury; in most humid places it is a lifeline which people cannot do without. Consequently any failure on its part gives rise to uncomfortable circumstances which are physically unbearable. But this failure to work properly can stem from several factors which can be categorized into:

  • Installation problems 
  • Improper operation

Air Conditioner Installation problems

This occurs when the technician installing the same is not trained or does shoddy and half-hearted work. A direct consequence of this leads to low airflow and leaky ducts. Improper refrigerant charge is another common problem which is a result of faulty installation and compromises the performance of the AC and its efficiency. 

The air conditioners are manufactured to be high quality and rugged products so that they are able to brave the elements of nature as well as internal circuit problems. Hence if and when the air conditioner fails, care should also be taken to switch it out completely and check the circuit breakers and fuses of the building. 

AC Operational problems

There are the problems one might face in the day to day operations of the air conditioning unit. These operational problems are generally a result of either:

  • Improper or faulty installation,
  • Adoption of bad service procedures 
  • Inadequate or improper maintenance

Since the air conditioner is mostly used during the hot summer months, in the instance of any of the above, the air conditioning unit fails. Some of the specific reasons for its failure are:

  • AC comes to a complete stop: There are times when the air conditioner stops working completely. In such instances, there are two very important probable possibilities that need to be checked. They are:
    • The thermostat batteries: There are again two possibilities that might exist:
      • They batteries might be dead and in need of immediate replacement or
      • The batteries are good wherein the thermostat needs to be put in the cooling mode and at the desired temperature settings for it to start functioning again.
    • The circuit breaker: There might be times when due to an unexpected heavy flow of electricity or any other electrical malfunction, the circuit breaker associated with the air conditioner might switch off. In such an instance switching on the circuit breaker results in the air conditioner working again.

If neither of the above problems exist, it is best to get in touch with a qualified air condition service provider like https://www.airtimeheatingandairpro.com/ .

  • Hot air coming out: There are instances when in spite of the air conditioner working properly, the air blown out is not cold. In fact when the chill factor of an AC is not commensurate to the temperature set, the following point of action needs to be adopted:
    • The air filter needs to be checked and cleaned or replaced as the situation demands,
    • The thermostat settings need to be checked and if in spite of the correct settings if the AC still blows out hot air, it means that the thermostat is not working properly and needs to be changed.
    • The outdoor unit or the portion situated outside needs to be checked and cleaned if vegetation or debris are clogging the outflow of the fan. In fact plants need to be kept at least 2 feet away from it.
    • The copper wires entering the condenser need to sweat and touching them should also give a sensation of chill to indicate that the presence of sufficient refrigerant levels.
    • The ducts also need to be checked by a HVAC technician for any possible leaks.
  • Uneven cooling: There are certain specific reasons for this like duct leaks, blocks in vents or registers and poor insulation. This can be taken care of by ensuring that:
    • Vents are clean, unobstructed and open,
    • Using blackout curtains to prevent the penetration of the sun’s heat during the warmest times of the day,
    • Insulation of the copper pipes which get damaged due to the pecking of the birds should be periodically repaired,
    • Leaks in the duct works should be immediately taken care of etc. 
  • Water drips: This generally occurs as a result of two definite conditions:
    • Clogging of the condensate lines which, when flushed using compressed air, becomes unclogged and water dripping stops and
    • Presence of frozen coils due to a leak in the drain line causing the refrigerant to come out; in this case the AC needs to be shut down and the HVAC technician called.
  • Strange noises: Other than the constant humming which is an integral part of every air-conditioner, other strange noises might also emit from it like:
    • Screeching and squealing from the motor is indicative of a bearing problem,
    • Clanging banging, thumping or rattling indicate serious motor problems,
    • Smacking noise indicates an obstruction in the path of the blower blades and
    • Clicking sound especially while switching the air-conditioner on and off indicates relay problem.

In most of the cases of sound coming out of the AC machine, it is best to call the HVAC engineer or technician and get the problem solved professionally. 

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