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Furnace Keeps Tripping Circuit Breaker

Furnace Keeps Tripping The Circuit Breaker

Does your furnace keep tripping the circuit breaker? Efficient performance of your heating system is necessary during the winter season. What often happens, just as the furnace starts to work,  a circuit breaker in the home trips.

Of course, circuit breakers are very important as they protect the home from possible electrical damages or even a fire. When a circuit breaker continues to trip, every time the furnace is turned on, the feeling of desperation, along with being annoyed will set in.

Most people do not know why the breaker keeps on tripping as the furnace kicks on. So rather than applying any DIY techniques, it is always best to call for experts that deal in furnace repair or new furnace installs. AirTimeHeatingAndAirPro of Oceanside, CA. are here to help.

Furnace Repair: What Generally Causes Breaker Tripping with the Use of ?

When a breaker trips, each time the furnace of the installed heating system starts to work or most of the time, it may be indicating some internal problem, which can complicate things.

However, calling for a furnace heating repair experts makes it easier to pinpoint the cause behind the breaker tripping, and can make the appropriate furnace heating repairs and services.

The two possible causes that result in such situations are an Heating system circuit overloaded circuit or a short circuit. If you do not know much about them, these subjects are explained below:

Furnace Overloaded The Circuit

This happens when the current in the dedicated circuit of the heating system is beyond the safe limit. Breakers are installed in homes for safety needs, and they are wired for different circuits in your home.

The circuit in which your HVAC system is working when trips the breaker down, this may indicate higher current in the circuit than its safe limit. This happens when the furnace either needs repair or the breaker installed does not match the needs of the furnace.

One reason why overload of the circuit with furnace use happens more frequently is the dirty air filters or lack of timely maintenance of the heating system installed in your home.

Short Circuit In Heating System

In electrical terms, something must have gone wrong that results in a short circuit. This generally happens when a wire or electrical component comes in the contact of something it should not. If this happens because of the furnace, this means that something has been damaged in it.

As explained above, both the cases require calling for the professionals that deals in providing furnace repairs or new furnace installAirTimeHeatingAndAirPro in Oceanside, CA. The experts in furnace installs, repairs and service will look into the causes of the problem and will provide the best possible solution for the same.

Other Possible Causes of Breaker Tripping with the Use of Furnace

Other than the heating system, the problem may lie in the electrical panel or distribution board installed in your home, and not with the furnace at all. With time, even the installed electrical panels need repair or replacement.

In some cases, people opt to get their home renovated as per modern designs but do not get the old electrical panels replaced with the new and advanced ones. One reason this is happening in your case is that the installed electrical panel cannot support the needs of your home.

The problem may lie with the breaker itself, which needs to be repaired or replaced as per the electrical requirements of your home.

Things to Keep in Mind When Your Furnace Keeps on Tripping The Fuse

Since most people do not know what should be done when such a situation arises, they may end up making things worse by trying to resolve the issue themselves.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind when a fuse trips with the use of the installed heating system:

Avoid flipping the breaker back on, again and again, just hoping that it will work. You should know that the installed breaker is doing its part to protect you by tripping down.

Do not delay calling for professionals that offer services of heating system repair or new furnace installs in Oceanside, CA.

This is because the earlier you get the required services done, the better it will be for you. It is always better not to allow an electrical problem to sit in your home.

Problems may also arise if you have not had furnace maintenance or services performed heating system.

If you need Furnace Help, please give us a call AirTimeHeatingAndAirPro: (760) 908-5076

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