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Why Is Hot Air Coming From My Air Conditioner?

hot air coming from air conditioner

Why is My Air Conditioner Blowing Warm Air?

It is common knowledge that of the many complaints that AC services providers like www.airtimeheatingandairpro.com receive, especially in summer, can be easily solved at home. By following a few simple processes and procedures, some on a regular basis and others at times when the actual problems start to occur, most of the issues faced in the day to day running of the air conditioner can be easily solved.

One of the most common complaints of users of air conditioners is the lack of cold air coming out of the AC. In these instances, in spite of the AC running, the room does not get cooled at all or gets cooled at a much lower rate. More often than not hot air blows out of the air conditioner thereby making for an extremely uncomfortable situation within the house.

To prevent this problem from recurring or from continuing for a long time, there are certain preventives and initial measures that need to be taken like:

    • Air filters: These are the easiest to check since they are inside the house and only involve lifting of the indoor unit cover. In case the air filter, which consists of a mesh to trap dirt and debris, is clogged, cold air will not be able to filter through it. Thus the room will be warm for a longer time and take more time to cool. Cleaning the air filter, in this instance, helps solve the problem immediately.
    • Blocking of the registers: Both the supply and the return air registers present within the house need to be checked for possible blockages. The accumulation of dirt might either cause these, the placement of furniture or they might even be closed. Thus cleaning or clearing up the blocked registers and opening them enables a smooth flow of air into the room thereby solving the problem.
    • Thermostat settings: There are times when either by mistake or without sufficient knowledge, people tend to set the thermostat.This results in either setting the wrong temperature or putting the thermostat in the fan mode.Correcting this with the help of the given remote solves the problem. Wrong thermostat settings are one of the most common causes of the AC running but throwing hot air into a room.
    • Refrigerant leaks: This is a problem which needs the intervention of the AC service provider since in both the cases of a refrigerant leak, the amount of refrigerant required to meet the cooling capacity of the compressor is not present.Hence not only does the refrigerant need to be replenished, the leak to has to be found out and repaired to prevent a recurrence of this problem. But it is, however, possible to see signs of the presence of insufficient refrigerant by checking for ice build-up on the refrigerant lines or pipes.
    • Leak in the air duct: The possibility of a leak in the air ducts arises when they are not sealed properly, or they lose their insulation cover over a period. This causes the cold air traveling through it to either leak or becomes warmer by the absorption of heat from its surroundings due to poor insulation.

Thus an HVAC technician needs to be called, and this leak found out and repaired. Scheduling regular inspections by the HVAC technician can help monitor the air ducts for leaks thereby preventing this problem from cropping up.

  • Evaporation coil dirt accumulation: The evaporation coil contains the cold refrigerant and thus helps to absorb the heat from the air flowing over it thereby cooling it sufficiently to enable cold air to enter the rooms
    But over a period, if these coils are not cleaned, dirt and debris tend to accumulate on it thereby preventing air from flowing freely over it. Thus subjecting these coils to regular inspection and cleaning helps alleviate the problem of hot air entering the room when the air conditioner gets switched on. The evaporator coils should be free from any blockages, and even plants should not be kept near it.
  • Circuit breaker: Electrical faults are quite a common problem especially in homes. These generally occur due to sudden surges of electrical currents running through them. There are many reasons for the same happening, but the presence of circuit breakers in the electrical network protects electrical gadgets from suffering a short circuit. This is also the case with the air conditioner wherein it is connected to an external and an internal circuit breaker. If the internal circuit breaker trips, the air conditioner stops working completely. But in the instance of the tripping of the outside circuit breaker, warm air will flow into the room. This can be resolved by giving the air conditioner sufficient time to cool and them resetting the circuit breaker.

It has been generally seen that the above measures when taken will help solve the problem of hot air coming out of the air-conditioner almost immediately. But if the problem persists as would be the case if there is less refrigerant charge, it is best to get in touch with the AC service technicians and call them over.

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