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How to Increase AC cooling in room

how to increase ac cooling in room

AC Tips To Deal With Extremely High Summer Temperatures

Getting the perfect temperature setting for your air conditioner is an art that needs to be scientifically mastered. This topic gains importance since the correct temperature setting can be extremely beneficial by way of utility bill savings. While tasks like keeping the air filter clean, giving the air conditioner a professional tuning by www.airtimeheatingandairpro.com/ etc., help facilitate energy savings, it is choosing the correct temperature settings which can help make significant savings where energy is concerned.

The basic fundamental of choosing the most appropriate temperature setting is based on two vital points:

The atmospheric temperature outside the room and
The effectiveness of the methods used to control the amount of sunlight or heat coming into the room.
Thus an ideal air conditioner temperature setting strives to bring about the perfect balance possible between comfort and energy saving for that particular period.

Lower temperature faster cooling

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. This adage also holds for the temperature setting of an air conditioner. More often than not it has been seen that people set their AC temperature to something as low as 16degrees. The logic applied is that a lower temperature setting means faster cooling.

But this is not true since the temperature setting only reflects the temperature which the air present in the room should come down to. The temperature of the air coming out of the air conditioner is constant but for lower room temperature settings, the thermostat present will take a long time to get cut off and consequently the compressor too would be working for that time.

This will result in the consumption of more energy and also an increase in the monthly electricity bill. Hence it can be easily said that the since the cooling rate of the room is constant, a lower temperature does not ensure faster cooling.

AC Temperature setting

Since the temperature set on the AC refers to the room temperature and it is also known that placing it at lower temperature increases the utility bills, there are two cardinal rules that one needs to follow. These AC temperature setting rules are:

Daytime AC temperature setting: During the day the outside temperature is quite high, and thus the room also feels quite hot. Thus daytime temperature should be set at a point which is lower than the ambient temperature for people to feel cool and comfortable in that room.

Night time AC temperature setting: Using the same logic, it can be said that the ambient temperature of the night is much lower than that of the day. Thus the room is much cooler during the night. The AC temperature should, therefore, be set at a higher temperature than that required during the day. But even this temperature should be lower than the current ambient temperature.
Improving AC effectiveness

In order to ensure that the AC functions properly and makes the room comfortable yet at the same time it also ensures efficient use of energy, there are certain tips which one needs to follow like:

Programmable thermostat: This is extremely helpful for people who tend to forget to set their AC thermostats when they leave their homes. It is only when they come back to a hot room that they realize the same. But with the help of a programmable thermostat, the room temperature adjustment can be automatically scheduled thereby making life comfortable and easy and also reducing the energy bills.

Zoning: As the word indicates this process involves the separation of different rooms by using separate thermostats for the same. This enables the user to control the temperature settings of specific portions of the house without actually having to cool the house as a whole. Thus during the night when people generally sleep in the bedroom, zoning makes it possible for the AC thermostat for that room to work at attaining the temperature setting while it remains switched off in the other rooms. This too helps to reduce energy bills without compromising on comfort.

Using the ceiling fan: The ceiling fan is a very good gadget for enabling faster circulation of the air throughout the room. Thus even though it is not directly involved with the process of lowering the room temperature, it indirectly helps to even out the cooling by setting up convectional currents. This helps in the spread of cold air coming out of the air conditioner, throughout the room thereby attaining the set room temperature faster and also lowering the electricity bills.

Setting the AC temperature is just a matter of practice which a person learns as soon over a period of time. However, there might be times when the outside temperature is extremely high and in such instances, the air conditioner is taxed to its limits. To aid its cooling in such cases and to ensure that it does not suffer the failure of any kind, the above points need to be kept in mind and acted upon to bring about a balance between the AC performance, its consumption of energy and comfort.

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